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Ball girl makes dazzling catch on Twins player’s foul ball

Another stellar example of a ball girl on the alert for foul balls

Be Alert for Foul Balls
Be Alert for Foul Balls

There weren’t a ton of highlights in Tuesday’s game between the lousy Padres and free-falling Twins, but at least FS1 had one memorable moment to show for putting this game on for a national audience.That it came courtesy of the Padres ball girl was fitting for a 3-0 Padres victory in which the deciding run scored on a sacrifice fly.The play in question came in the top of the seventh. The Twins’ Eduardo Escobar led off and smoked a hard line drive foul down the right field line. The sinking drive was snared by the leaping ball girl, who rightfully looked quite pleased with her effort. Escobar, for his part, was as impressed as anyone with the grab.— Gabriel Haro (@gharo34) July 1, 2017

Source: Must see: Ball girl makes dazzling catch on Twins player’s foul ball –

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Catching foul balls at MLB games

In addition to always being alert for foul balls, there are ways to put yourself in position to catch a foul ball at your next MLB game. This USA Today article covers the methods in detail.

But fans can attend hundreds of games and not come close to a ball. Want to improve your chances? Take some advice from Zack Hample, who has snagged around 9,800 baseballs since 1990, including Barry Bonds’ 724th career home run and Alex Rodriguez’s 3,000th hit (a home run).

How to catch a ball at MLB game: Expert shares game-tested strategy for baseball fans

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Wrigley Field Blueprint Measurements – Could You Hit One Out?

Have you ever sat in Wrigley Field and wondered if you could hit a home run?
If so, how many swings would you need?
Would you go to left or right field?

Wrigley Field Blueprint T-Shirt
Wrigley Field Blueprint T-Shirt

More people have considered these questions than I would guess. I have my scenario down solid. With center field being 400ft and left-center 368 combined with the fact I haven’t hit much of anything outside a softball, I would steer clear of those pipe dreams. Left field at 355ft and right field at 353ft seem infinitely more attainable. I am (was) a pull hitter so left field is my choice…to hell with the two-foot difference over right field! This is my pipe dream, leave me to it.

I would need to hearken back to the old school approach to hitting…the one where I specifically tell the pitcher where to throw his fastball (up and slightly in) to give me any sort of shot at hitting one out. I would say give me 10 at bats to find a groove and a gale force wind blowing out and I would be able to barely clear the basket.

The Wrigley blueprint and these sorts of mindless daydreams inspired the Wrigley Blueprint T-shirt. So, tell me, could you hit one out? What would it take?

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Women’s T-Shirts Now Available

Women's T-ShirtsI have been remiss in adding women’s t-shirts to the site and this is my attempt to right that wrong. I have been focused on men’s/unisex t-shirts simply because this site grew out of me making t-shirts for myself. Since I am a man (most days), it just made sense to keep posting men’s shirts.

The key women in my life (my wife and daughter) told me I need to get off my tush and make t-shirts for the ladies and, specifically, offer t-shirts that fit women! I listened…as I often do when told to do something by my wife and daughter and now we have  dedicated Women’s T-Shirt section with a couple of shirts already available. I am adding more women’s tees as I come up with ideas so keep your eyes open or subscribe to my emails to get the latest product launches!

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Cubs the latest team to no longer allow you to print tickets at home

Will this also apply to season ticket holders that send their tickets to friends? Seems like a business cutting out options for fans.

This is done primarily for security purposes, or so we’re told. The real reason may be because teams are more and more becoming allied partners with specific ticket vendors and locking out options for third-party ticket resellers like StubHub.

Printing tickets at home is looking more and more like a thing of the past, and the Chicago Cubs are the latest team to no longer allow it.

Source: Cubs the latest team to no longer allow you to print tickets at home

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Five takeaways from Butler’s win over Villanova. No need for luck of the Irish (Bulldog) in this win

Convincing win for Butler Bulldogs. No luck involved…all skill and intensity.

Source: Big East Basketball: Five takeaways from Butler’s win over Villanova | FOX Sports